PPR Worldwide Launches First-to-Market Internet of Things (IoT) Specialty Group

San Francisco, Oct. 8, 2015 – PPR Worldwide, a global, full-service public relations agency, today announced the launch of its Internet of Things Specialty Group. The team will provide strategic counsel to clients navigating complex communications as they undergo IoT-driven transformation. Led by San Francisco-based Senior Vice President, Sophia Zhao, the group will include experts from PPR and several sister firms in the WPP network.

A study by the McKinsey Global Institute predicts that IoT will create nearly $4 – $11 trillion USD in economic benefits globally by 2025. According to McKinsey, the study finds that the market hype may actually understate the full potential of IoT.

“As the tissues of a connected world are being built, a wide range of stakeholders are debating product trends, technology standards, data privacy and policy related to IoT,” said Sophia Zhao. “Billions of connected devices will create immense opportunities, as well as challenges for all major industries. PPR’s IoT industry experience positions us to counsel organizations on the rapidly evolving IoT landscape.”

“The mission of PPR Worldwide is to be our clients’ indispensable communications partner, bringing innovative thinking and outstanding execution to generate meaningful results,” said PPR Worldwide CEO, Fred Hawrysh. “We are launching a PPR IoT Specialty Group to help clients strategically and creatively address specific communications opportunities and challenges as their businesses enter into the era of IoT.”

The PPR Worldwide IoT Specialty Group provides a portfolio of services to help clients, including:

  • IoT brand positioning and messaging: Companies must differentiate themselves at a time when everyone is in the business of IoT.
  • Consumer education and marketing: From wearables to connected cars, and appliances with sensors, consumers face an increasingly confusing connected world. Mass adoption of the next generation of IoT requires that PR and marketing educate consumers on the benefits of “things” running their lives.
  • Security preparedness: IoT enables more real-time data that brands can leverage for targeted and timely marketing interventions – which, unfortunately, can lead to privacy issues and security breaches. PPR will assist clients with crisis communications as needed.
  • IoT public policy: The government plays an essential role in building policy frameworks to manage the impact of IoT on society. PR and marketing will play a critical role by influencing current laws and practices that extend current circumstances to new markets that IoT will undoubtedly create.
  • Internal communications: Organizations must solve for changing mindsets at every level. Communications functions will play a critical role in educating employees to create an IoT-enabled organization that benefits the customer.

About PPR Worldwide

PPR Worldwide is a global, full-service public relations agency operating in 14 offices in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, and is staffed by more than 300 communications professionals. PPR has served and continues to serve global clients including McDonald’s, Dell, Emirates, Microsoft, ALDI, Chevron and ExxonMobil, among others.