Marketing Tips from the Pros for 2017

Marcia Miller, Account Supervisor at PPR Worldwide

Marketing is a profession that requires practitioners to be many things, including creative, perceptive and maybe most importantly, flexible—able to change approach on a moment’s notice. As we enter 2017, we have an opportunity to reconsider our approaches to customer and influencer engagement for the next year.

I recently had the opportunity to attend “The DNA of Tomorrow’s Marketing,” an event hosted by Innovation Endeavors and WPP, where industry leaders including Pinterest, Refinery29, Pepsi Co. and Under Armour discussed personalization, conversation and location. After listening to these marketing experts, I came away with a few things we should keep in mind for the New Year:

  • There’s opportunity in uncertainty. It’s a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world according to Marie Wolfe, consumer and market insights director of Research Innovation at Unilever. However, in that uncertainty is opportunity, she said. When you have so much data, you can become obsessed with norms and averages, which can take you down the path everyone is already headed. However, great opportunity can be found where the data diverges from the norm, so keep an eye out for what can be relevant for your consumers so you can help forge a new path for your brand.
  • Experiences mean more to consumers than materials. According to Refinery29 founder Philippe von Borries, a majority of consumers say that attending an experiential marketing event would make them more inclined to purchase something, and millennials prioritize experiences over material things. We should consider how we can bring people together around shared passion points and create experiences for our audiences. This could include setting up pop-up shops or small events in new neighborhoods and making activations accessible through portals like Periscope. However, the important thing is to create a lasting connection between your audience and the brand.
  • Technology will not always be novel, but your approach can be. Von Borries also highlighted how livestreaming is taking over and called attention to the fact that “live” will not always be a novel approach, though the way we leverage live streaming in our activations or campaigns can be. In kicking off 2017, consider using the standard platforms in a non-standard way. For example, at the recent Dell EMC World, the social media team decided to give the world an insider’s look by posting on Instagram Stories, leading to more than 500,000 views.
  • Be human. Data provides insight into consumers’ browsing and purchasing behavior and enables almost everything to be a marketing and sales opportunity. However, with that insight, we need to be respectful when taking personalized approaches with our audiences and ensure we are thinking about how the brand, product, service or offering enhances the audience’s lives.

A new year is a new opportunity to revitalize the way you’re looking at your brand, your content and your audiences—keep these marketing approaches in mind as we say goodbye 2016 and hello to the fresh start of 2017.

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